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05 Oktober 2022
06 Oktober 2022


We take responsibility: not only for ourselves and our immediate environment, but also for the successor generations.

Our philosophy

In the Hotel NordRaum we place the utmost importance on sustainability by:
receive our green electricity completely emission-free from the hydroelectric power station Bremen-Hastedt. Use energy-saving lamps in all our rooms and in public areas. Equip all rooms with energy-efficient and comfortable card light switches. The towels and bed linen of our guests are environmentally friendly washed by a certified laundry. to use motion detectors as an alternative to classic corridor lighting. clean the rooms of our guests only with environmentally friendly cleaning products. Rewrite recycling and consistently separate our waste: this applies to both glass, paper and cardboard, as well as batteries and rechargeable batteries. Use flow restrictors in our sanitary facilities. and regularly train our staff on environmental issues!
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